Greeting, I'm Louie Lu, from Taiwan.

Louie Lu is now studying at NCTU CS dept.
Louie Lu was a Software Engineer Intern at KKBOX, Software Engineer at HopeBay Tech, where he does automation test for UI and API, with 3rd-party API development.
He have the experiment and interesting in IoT kernel development and system programming, such as F9 microkernel and BitSec Hypervisor.
And he is now trying to understand the internals of CPython, to see how CPython magically bring us Python to the world.

You can find me at:

What I'm contributing now:
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#include <stdio.h>
double x = 2.786715159958571421398871983068E-258, y;
int main(){return(*(char*)&x?x*=y=x,main():printf((char*)&y));}